Your First Choice for Premium Sports Programming Is DirecTV

One of the many things that satellite TV programming has brought to American households is far better sports programming. Cable TV service providers could have done it along time ago, but they weren’t willing to make the investment that it takes to bring the quality and quantity of sports programming to their viewers that, satellite TV programmers have. DirecTV truly stands apart from the crowd in sports programming, because they among all other programming service providers have gone the extra mile to cater to the sports fans in the viewing public.



Their Total Choice series of programming packages are filled to the brim with a virtual cornucopia of premium sports programming choices and unlike the other TV programming service providers, that require you to sign up for a bigger programming package to receiver their premium programming, DirecTV has premium sports channels that you can add onto any of their programming packages.


DirecTV features twenty-five premium sports channels in their Total Choice packages and they also have exclusive programming rights to two ultra-premium sports channels that you can add on to any one of the packages that they offer. These channels are NCAA Mega March Madness and NFL Sunday Ticket and they are programs that are actually produced by the NFL and that NCAA themselves.



The word -Premium- used to mean sports channels that exclusively feature only professional and top ranked amateur sports events only and it still does at DirecTV, but it seems that a lot of the other TV programming service providers have forgotten this fact and they use the word far too loosely in their advertising material now days.


NCAA Mega March Madness and NFL Sunday Ticket are super premium sports programming channels that feature all the best that these two sports organizations have to offer and they go on for twenty-four hours a day. They feature all the regular and preseason games and events and NFL Sunday Ticket even showcases some of the best European football games as well. They both are also loaded with lots of fascinating and provocative commentary, debate and even heated arguments that are sure to keep you well entertained when a game isn’t on. You are going to also get to watch loads of great one on one interviews featuring all the leading figures in pro football