Medical transcripts have now transformed a bit

information that is recorded serves as the future reference.


The information that is written down or recorded is then transcribed into a text form commonly known as Medical transcripts or transcriptions. The medical transcript that has been made is then either stored in a physical or electronic manner. Many a times it is recorded in both manners. Electronically is more preferred because it is convenient for future viewing of the records as well as sending it out also becomes easier.

Though the Medical transcripts have now transformed a bit. Earlier the way of recording was that Deutscher chat the doctor would talk into a tape recorder. Once the audio was recorder it was then listened by the doctor himself or his assistant and again it was written down either manually or by the use of a typewriter. Gradually, with the rise of technology and computers coming in with software’s of word processors, the typewriter was replaced. Computers were considered more easy and useful to work with and thereby there was a high demand for it.

An even more advance technology came in the computers; this was known as the voice recorder. a voice recorder used to record what the doctor is speaking into it and accordingly type by itself on the word processor. This technology was considered to be 99% correct.

Creation of Medical transcripts is more of a profession now. The medical transcripts are now prepared by professionals. Though there is no degree or formal education of getting the degree of a medical transcriptionist. Yet, one can get education through the traditional schooling method as well as there are diploma programs. One of the best ways of getting expertise and mastering the art of making medical transcripts is through on the job training. Working as a medical transcriptionist can lead to mastering of the medical terminology as well as editing.


The process of creating a Medical transcript is not very tough. Firstly the patient will have a meeting with the doctor. The patient will tell all the medical problems that he has to the doctor. The doctor then examines the patient to check if there is anything physically wrong. Once, the patient leaves from the clinic, then the doctor speaks into a tape recorder as to the findings of any ailment in the patient along with the discussion that they both have.