How to Choose the Best Pure Skincare Products

The Need for Pure Skincare

Given the potential risks, the adage “better safe than sorry” applies when considering the importance of using pure skincare products. The long-term effects of many cosmetic and skincare products are still unknown. This uncertainty has led to the growth of the pure skincare industry, which offers products free from harmful chemicals.
Finding Pure Skincare Products

While pure skincare products can be challenging to find, more options are becoming available.
These products are not just limited to patchouli oil and mud masks. For instance, the Miessence Firming Eye & Neck Serum offers best-in-class results while ensuring peace of mind with its pure ingredients.

Pure Skincare for Moms and Families

The need for pure skincare is particularly crucial for pregnant women and families with young children. Julia Smith, director of the Lynne Cohen Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program at the NYU Cancer Institute, explains:

“Will you get cancer, or harm your baby, because you use lipstick? Very unlikely. But what worries those of us involved with cancer prevention is that we don’t know the cumulative effects of these chemicals, or the synergistic effects of one chemical with another, or what role the chemicals found in cosmetics will play when viewed in the broader scope of the overall chemical exposure we get from all facets of our life.”

Recommended Pure Skincare Products